We are making money, are you?

We continue to see the results of “Buy in November and go away in May in all the markets except the Health Care funds. After making over 20% on average for the last 5 years, these funds have been under attack since before the US Presidential election by Trump. I think he just does not like the word “Obamacare”.

These funds will return to normal and in fact will have a sling shot effect once Trump leaves them alone. In the mean time look what is happening to the rest of our funds.

  • Asian Pacific now up 25.54%
  • Emerging markets up 21.08%
  • NASDAQ up 21.30% with a 5 year average return of 22.59%

And results same for our fixed income clients:

Global Dividend Fund is up an incredible 22.64% with a 5 year average of 15.46%, try this one for your RRSPs, RIFFS and LIFs. These are probably giving our clients three times the amount of income that the Banks do for their seniors.

An Ancient Proverb says:
“Knowledge unapplied is worse than no knowledge at all, Knowledge received and unapplied is a personal robbery of your potential happiness and fulfillment.”

In the last few weeks you have gained knowledge, use it and gain that happiness for yourself and for your family .
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