Asia Pacific Alert

This news is so significant, I felt if I was going to really help everyone with their Investment knowledge then I should show them how connecting the dots works.

This alert to you is a dot in the sense of connecting the on going stories that create our markets move.

At the beginning of the year all we kept hearing was CHINA IS SLOWING DOWN because their GDP was no longer making 10% per year as it had for the previous 30 years.

They pointed out that it was only 6.8% GDP .But I continue to argue that the so called experts are missing the whole story. They are missing the volume.

So I ask you, if they made 10% the year before and that was considered a good year ,so equally that the following year and adding 6.8% on top is now a poor year. They should be looking at the volume which of course increased to 16.8% this year.

So yesterday I gave you the updated year to date returns on various funds including the Asian Pacific fund that was up 28.27%.

This morning I was pleased to see it jumped to over 30% return at 30.11%. So if you keep listening to the mainstream news you will keep missing opportunities like this.

CHINA and INDIA have a combined population of 2.5 Billion people, while not all are investors ,those that are will be driving up these markets for the next 30 years or more.

Or you can invest in your friendly neighborhood bank and maybe make 5% which inflation and taxes will wipe out.