Outstanding Results

ASIAN PACIFIC for the last two weeks has seen a nice bounce up from 16.89% to the current YTD of 18.05%.

EMERGING MARKET is not as hot as the Asian fund but still very healthy as it climbed from 16.39% to YTD of 17.46%.

The NASDAQ INDEX FUND has also turned the corner for the last two weeks going from 13.03% to YTD of 14.40%.

With Trump still putting pressure on the Health Care issues in the U.S., the HEALTH CARE FUND is still behind the others,but also gained.Going from 6.92% to YTD of 7.95%.

The other fund we use for senior investors who like less risk is our GLOBAL DIVIDEND FUND currently is soundly defeating all your TYPICAL BANK investments in both Balanced Funds and Income Funds with double and even triple the returns you would see at the Banks. The GLOBAL DIVIDEND FUND rose from 17.10% to 17.54% in the same time period.

The Health Care Fund and the NASDAQ Fund both have a 5 year history of averaging over 19%. It is also important that you understand just how well the GLOBAL DIVIDEND FUND has performed over the same time period being a conservative or safe investment This fund has a 5 year history of achieving 14.63%.

Our next article will show you how the wealthy combine the above returns with leverage to gain prosperity.

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