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What is Demographic Trend Forecasting?


Global Demographics Group utilizes economic tools needed to accurately forecast what lies ahead in our economy, based on the study of and changes in demographic trends, as well as the impact on our economy.

Predictable consumer spending patterns combined with demographic trends allows our team to forecast the economy years or even decades in advance.


Do you want to use the Tax you have to pay to get a tax reduction and then use that money to create wealth?

How to prosper even when the economy collapses?

Can you trust financial advisors?

Do you want to avoid the RRSP trap / time bomb?

How would you like to never pay for an RRSP again out of your pocket and keep getting those Tax refunds?

How would you like to never have to worry about your income when you retire?

Do you want your money to grow tax free?

What We Can Educate You On

We educate the public and financial planners on alternative investment strategies but we DO NOT offer or sell any financial products

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Tax Strategies to Reduce your Taxes

RRSP Allocation Using Demographics


How Estate Planning Benefits Your Heirs


Segregated Funds are Better than Mutual Funds


How to Create Less Taxable Income


Life Insurance for Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code


How Investment Loans Work


See How We Use Demographics to Gain 18% ROI for the Last 11 Years


Historically, each month our research team applied methods based on demographics, recurring cycles, and technical indicators to make highly accurate long term forecast.

For many years we have helped individuals and families achieve their financial planning goals. We now focus on  education and consulting for the public.

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Discover Shielded Earning Potential

Learn about the vast menu of solutions which rarely make it into the conversation when discussing minimization of tax burden. Growth opportunities abound which need not be encumbered by onerous tax obligations.

Leverage Investment, Reach Financial Freedom

Think and Act like wealthy individuals who know how to use Other People’s Money (OPM) to the fullest! We will educate you how to properly utilize that non performing asset called “Net Worth” and generate true wealth.

Protect Your Legacy with Proper Structure

Estate planning requires careful consideration. Our team has a track record of superior performance in this regard; get educated on how to fully utilize estate planning.

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Connecting the dots outside the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is demographic trend forecasting?

World events, politically motivated actions and financial crises affect market performance, but they are not as compelling and enduring as demographic forces. The buying power of a population as determined by size and age of population is the ultimate driver of economic activity. Demographics provide a highly reliable predictor of size and age of populations. As such, the long term performance of markets can be projected with a high degree of certainty.

Will the Demand for Health Care Slow Down?


Will Technology Slow Down?


Will China and India with a Population of 2.5 Billion Slow Down?

No. By 2020 approximately half the population in the world will be middle class.

If you want your money to make money for you then go see Dan at Global Demographics Group. He is the Warren Buffett of Canada! Every move he makes, makes me money; portfolios double and more every 4-5 years, just as he said. When the Covid Pandemic caused the lockdown, which in turn made the stock market lose 30%, he stated that we should not panic as the whole world was creating a stimulus package, which includes large interest rate cuts to offset the damage caused by the Pandemic, and a rebound is imminent. What he said would happen in March 2020 has come to pass! Great returns are being recognized!

He predicted that the markets would be fully recovered – 100% back to where they were before the downturn and that we would then go into a slingshot rebound that would compare to the 133% he made for his clients in 2009 and 2010 after the 2008 Financial crisis. So far his prediction of a 100% return from the bottom of the market is up 60% in only 5 months. Dan is the man if you want your money to make you money! His pulse on the market is second to none, other than perhaps Warren Buffett!


Happy Client Since 2010

From the day we came  to Canada, I was following what “the Banks” suggest to me as a “Creative Investment”. And year over year I see very small growth and I always thought that is the “safe way of investing”; high yielding investments are extremely risky. One day I saw the article “How to Avoid the RRSP Trap – Tax Time Bomb”. 

Global Demographics Group explained their investment strategy in simple English.  The amount of financial & market knowledge they have is amazing! I am pleased the way they invested my funds and the way they showed the growth, tremendous growth. Absolutely awesome. I would recommend Global Demographics Group to anyone anytime!!!



I have carried forward a huge capital loss over the last 10 years due bad investment before I met Global Demographics Group. I now have so much profit that I can write off almost half of my capital losses. I wish I had met them 10 years ago, so that I would have been retired by now. Their knowledge is tremendous, I actively read their articles and follow them very seriously. Their articles/news letters are very simple and easily understandable. ‘How much Taxes do we pay’ is my favorite of all. They are working for my investment even when I am sleeping. My advice to those folks who are out there still waiting, do not delay regardless of what ever the market condition is, Global Demographics Group can take care of it. I sincerely thank them for their hard work.



My wife and I had saved a sizable amount in RRSPs thinking we were doing very well. Then Global Demographics Group pointed out that all that money was 100% taxable at death and half of our savings would go to Canada Revenue Agency.

 We were not aware this was going to happen as no one told us; not the banks nor the Financial Adviser at that time. We met with Global Demographics Group a couple of times and they explained how we could safely not only reduce these future taxes by planning now, but also take advantage of their unique skill of investing using “Demographics” and what they call “connecting the dots”.

 After 9 years of using their advice and following it, we have now established a Tax free portfolio with double digit returns. Both my wife and myself appreciate everything that they have done for us and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially those with large RRSP’S facing large Tax liabilities that are accumulating.

Dennis and Marg


For those of you looking for confirmation, Global Demographics Group way of investing is absolutely better any other investor that I have ever dealt with. They looks at the world demographically – what they call connecting the dots. What this means is that they watch the world and they piece together each country’s next move.

The part of their decision making that I like best is the fact that they understand Demographics. They knows where to invest, when, and when to pull out. 

When I first met them over 10 years ago I was leery due to their different approach to investing and it took me many years of following them before I came on board. Waiting was my biggest mistake. If I had only got on board sooner I can imagine where my portfolio would be today! Since I became a believer in them, it has been the best my investments have ever done.

I now have been a client of Global Demographics Group for more than 5 years and on average I have consistently made 22%. Who do you know that can do that for you!



Since I moved to Canada, I blindly followed what my bank offered for my RRSP investments. I thought I leave the investments to the experts and expect the best results. I did this close to 10 years and in that period my investments did not grow at all. This was very frustrating.

Global Demographics Group explained their approach to investments in simple language. I was impressed when they showed their program that will help us retire comfortably. It’s amazing how much tax we pay when we start using our RRSPs.

I now see a tremendous growth in my portfolio. The way they used my RRSP funds to grow my portfolio was very impressive. I would recommend Global Demographics Group for anybody who needs an experienced financial adviser.