If you want your money to make money for you then go see Dan at Global Demographics Group. He is the Warren Buffett of Canada! Every move he makes, makes me money; portfolios double and more every 4-5 years, just as he said. When the Covid Pandemic caused the lockdown, which in turn made the stock market lose 30%, he stated that we should not panic as the whole world was creating a stimulus package, which includes large interest rate cuts to offset the damage caused by the Pandemic, and a rebound is imminent. What he said would happen in March 2020 has come to pass! Great returns are being recognized!

He predicted that the markets would be fully recovered – 100% back to where they were before the downturn and that we would then go into a slingshot rebound that would compare to the 133% he made for his clients in 2009 and 2010 after the 2008 Financial crisis. So far his prediction of a 100% return from the bottom of the market is up 60% in only 5 months. Dan is the man if you want your money to make you money! His pulse on the market is second to none, other than perhaps Warren Buffett!


Happy Client Since 2010

Thank you for the way that the team always responds promptly to my inquiries, and provides insightful recommendations.  The Connecting the Dots strategy has proven to deliver superior returns year after year.  I am impressed by the way that Dan leads the team through his diligent research and studious investigation of current international events, and how he is able to integrate and consolidate the various world events to formulate an investing strategy to out-perform the big banks. Thanks again for another very profitable year !


From the day we came  to Canada, I was following what “the Banks” suggest to me as a “Creative Investment”. And year over year I see very small growth and I always thought that is the “safe way of investing”; high yielding investments are extremely risky. One day I saw the article “How to Avoid the RRSP Trap – Tax Time Bomb”. 

Global Demographics Group explained their investment strategy in simple English.  The amount of financial & market knowledge they have is amazing! I am pleased the way they invested my funds and the way they showed the growth, tremendous growth. Absolutely awesome. I would recommend Global Demographics Group to anyone anytime!!!



I have carried forward a huge capital loss over the last 10 years due bad investment before I met Global Demographics Group. I now have so much profit that I can write off almost half of my capital losses. I wish I had met them 10 years ago, so that I would have been retired by now. Their knowledge is tremendous, I actively read their articles and follow them very seriously. Their articles/news letters are very simple and easily understandable. ‘How much Taxes do we pay’ is my favorite of all. They are working for my investment even when I am sleeping. My advice to those folks who are out there still waiting, do not delay regardless of what ever the market condition is, Global Demographics Group can take care of it. I sincerely thank them for their hard work.



My wife and I had saved a sizable amount in RRSPs thinking we were doing very well. Then Global Demographics Group pointed out that all that money was 100% taxable at death and half of our savings would go to Canada Revenue Agency.

 We were not aware this was going to happen as no one told us; not the banks nor the Financial Adviser at that time. We met with Global Demographics Group a couple of times and they explained how we could safely not only reduce these future taxes by planning now, but also take advantage of their unique skill of investing using “Demographics” and what they call “connecting the dots”.

 After 9 years of using their advice and following it, we have now established a Tax free portfolio with double digit returns. Both my wife and myself appreciate everything that they have done for us and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially those with large RRSP’S facing large Tax liabilities that are accumulating.

Dennis and Marg


For those of you looking for confirmation, Global Demographics Group way of investing is absolutely better any other investor that I have ever dealt with. They looks at the world demographically – what they call connecting the dots. What this means is that they watch the world and they piece together each country’s next move.

The part of their decision making that I like best is the fact that they understand Demographics. They knows where to invest, when, and when to pull out. 

When I first met them over 10 years ago I was leery due to their different approach to investing and it took me many years of following them before I came on board. Waiting was my biggest mistake. If I had only got on board sooner I can imagine where my portfolio would be today! Since I became a believer in them, it has been the best my investments have ever done.

I now have been a client of Global Demographics Group for more than 5 years and on average I have consistently made 22%. Who do you know that can do that for you!



Since I moved to Canada, I blindly followed what my bank offered for my RRSP investments. I thought I leave the investments to the experts and expect the best results. I did this close to 10 years and in that period my investments did not grow at all. This was very frustrating.

Global Demographics Group explained their approach to investments in simple language. I was impressed when they showed their program that will help us retire comfortably. It’s amazing how much tax we pay when we start using our RRSPs.

I now see a tremendous growth in my portfolio. The way they used my RRSP funds to grow my portfolio was very impressive. I would recommend Global Demographics Group for anybody who needs an experienced financial adviser.



I have know Dan for 20 plus years. He has done an amazing job with my funds and keeps us all well informed. I highly recommend Dan for you, your friends and family.

Stephen Alexander


I have been investing with Dan for the past 5 years. In that time I have seen my investments grow substantially through his Demographics Strategy of investing. Dan’s approach to investing is different then anyone I have been with before. He is looking out for you. Dan’s strategies are easy to understand and just make sense.



Dan has been my financial advisor for the last 10 years, his knowledge and advice have enabled me to build a healthy portfolio and enjoy a comfortable retirement for the last 5 years. Dan cares about his clients and openly shares his knowledge with them, his research and understanding of demographics and how they will affect the future.


Client, Researcher at JATO Dynamics

Dear Dan:

Re: GTA Financial Advisor generates a 10-Year average return of 19.59% for his clients

Thank you for maintaining your no-cost membership with The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program and allowing us to send the occasional email update. We are so pleased to be able to share some brief information about our highly recommended associated True Help Financial Consultant in GTA.

This senior Advisor has been helping GTA investors for more than 30XXX years and has achieved a 10-Year average return oninvestment of 19.59% for his clients who follow him closely and take this advice. He is one of the most effective Investment Advisors in the country, and now is willing to share his methods with all who ask – not just the wealthy (like most Advisors of his stature do).

How does he do it? Here is a link to one of his most profound articles that explains his strategy, which he calls, “Connecting the Dots”. It just may very well be the best financial article I have ever read in my 40 plus years as a Financial Consultant.

If you have any money invested anywhere, you should read this article: Connecting the Dots

True Help Members


I have known Dan for well over 30 years. I invested with him when he worked for Prudential Ins. & London Life and had extremely good success .When Dan moved his business to Toronto and I moved to the O.P.P. I lost contact with him. Two years ago, I met up with Dan .We immediately re-kindled our relationship and I again began investing with him.

He certainly has an astonishing record using demographics. He is one of the top rated advisers in the whole of Canada with an 8 year average rate of return of 21.9% even with the down turn in the markets in the recessionary year of 2008 followed, by a 124% gain in the following two years. 


Client, Former Police Chief Kincardine and Farmer

Dan’s knowledge of Demographics and how it affects markets is extensive. I appreciate the constant work he puts into doing his own independent research as opposed to regurgitated ‘investment advice’ that is common in the financial service industry today. I feel very comfortable with the plan we have in place and like the idea we have the very same investments as his .So by watching his, he watches ours.

Because my wife was a stock broker in Japan in 1989 .We lived through the Boom and then felt the anguish that followed when both the stock market and housing markets collapsed in the early 90’s and agree with Dan that by 2010 the U.S. will start to go through the same. That is why we were quick to follow Dan’s advice and protect our assets as we did not want to live through that again.



I have known Dan for more than 33 years now, and I have in this time come to trust Dan’s knowledge for my financial decisions. I do not know anyone else that is as dedicated to his job and enjoys what he does as much as Dan.

He gets up early every morning just to read all the financial papers to stay on top. He is always looking for an edge for his clients so that he can make that little bit more for us. He has a wealth of knowledge at his finger tips and is constantly getting more information and is willing to pass this information on to you, so that you, as a client will be comfortable with his decisions.

Dan is by no means conservative when it comes to taking risk. Once he has thought out a way for you to take advantage in the markets, he explains it too you, so that you can use that advantage in a gainful situation in the market. I will continue to do business with Dan because I trust him with my money and I will continue to trust Dan to make sound financial decisions on my behalf.

As one of his first clients I benefited greatly as Dan’s knowledge grew to where I took early retirement and live on a six figure income now.


Client, Retired Ontario Hydro Maintenance Mechanic

If you want your money working for you with top results then Dan is the man. There is no one better to help get your financial portfolio performing to its max.


Client, Director at Feeding Kids Right

Dan is an out-of-the-box thinker, whom I have known for some nine years. During this time, Dan has repeatedly impressed me with his integrity and his attention to detail. Fueled by passion, he provides invaluable advice and information that result consistently in high a Rate-of-Return on my investments. I am truly pleased. Dan not only brings passion and integrity with his work but blends very well, a great sense of humor, necessary for all work environments. It is no wonder that those to whom I have referred Dan are singing him praises.



Prior to joining ‘The Prudential in 1982’ Dan worked as an Auto mechanic in Windsor Ontario. He moved to Kincardine Ontario and set up his Office in his home. He focused on mutual funds and quickly started to establish himself that he had to move his office out of his home by 1986.He is widely respected in the Southern Bruce County.

He is very knowledgeable in the fund market and writes a monthly column for the local magazine, ‘The Bruce County Marketplace Magazine’. Due to his large success he reach MDRT in 1994 [Million Dollar Round Table] and was number 3 For Prudential in total sales in Canada. He was number 1 in Mutual Funds Sales, which earned him the honour of Executive Vice President of Investments.

In 1995 he was again number 3 in total sales in Canada and number 2 in funds sales and well on his way to make MDRT for 1996.

Dan is a perennial leader in mutual funds.

Dan is also widely respected member of his community .He sponsors a number of Hockey Teams as well as being an avid player while also playing Rugby in the summer for the Kincardine Barbarians.

He is very interested in History and maintains a very large collection of Toy soldiers.

When Dan speaks on funds, he speaks of which he knows and from his past experience, he is someone who should definitely be listen to.


Client, Retired former Manager at Prudential Insurance

I have been working with Dan building my Investment Portfolio for approximately 31 years.

He has his client’s best interests in mind when it comes to suggesting investment strategy.

His knowledge of demographics and the impact they have had on the economy have been clearly on the mark.

Dan, Keep up the good work and stay the course.


Client, Former Ontario Hydro, Maintenance Mechanic

We have known Dan for the last 31 years. We have always found him to be a good friend and a knowledgeable financial advisor with our best interest at heart. He has always made himself available to us whenever we needed advice or help in any situations.

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago and Dan has made my life easier and more peaceful knowing that my wife will be financially secure. His concern and compassion has helped us through some tough times. Thank you Dan.

We trust him explicitly and recommend him highly.

Richard and Donna


Prudent investors are always keeping their eyes and ears open with the financial uncertainties which exist today] for people who provide sound financial advice using a fresh approach, or a different perspective for creating wealth.

Presently, there are not too many options available, other than the “old way of doing things”.

My financial advisor in the Richmond Hill, Ontario region has an envied reputation and a proven track record for 30 plus years.

He has been “bang on for me” for the last six years, too bad I didn’t meet him sooner.

He has already proven himself to me by:

  1. Continually getting results for others using the idea of a) demographics (people spending patterns and getting older) and b) the using this concept world -wide is a no brainier to me, because we can’t stop people from getting older and its effects on all countries but that means’ thinking outside the box’. Which they do not teach in your typical ‘financial planning school’.
  2. Taking my money and a) saving my bacon when the stock market ‘tanked’ a few years ago. b) Actually made money for me during this’ tanking’.
  3. his returns for me have not been small but in the 12% to 25% range for my RRSP’s.

These types of returns are pretty good and I intend to add to my portfolio when I get back because passive income is not easy to come by. The world is changing and information is our best weapon.


Client, Retired in Costa Rica

Dan is a researcher who understands demographics very well. He is passionate about what he knows and wants to share his knowledge with others. He is a compassionate person who cares for others. He truly wants to increase your wealth.


Client, Mortgage Professional at Neighborhood Dominion Lending Centre

To all who reads this: I highly recommend Dan to look after all of your financial decisions. I`ve never seen anyone who has his expertise in demographics which he uses in decision making for your financial wellbeing. He is both pleasant, informative and entertaining with a rare instinct for picking just the right investments for his clients.


Co-worker, Owner at Heal With Me

Dan’s financial planning is different from the traditional financial planner who only focuses on mutual funds or GICS. Dan’s financial planning focuses where the demographic ages are moving towards. For example, the baby boomers primary focus is good quality health care and are willing to pay the top dollar for it in order to keep feeling superb. Dan will guide you.



We are pleased to be able to share some brief information about our highly recommended associated True Help Financial Consultant in GTA.

This senior Advisor has been helping GTA investors for more than 35 years and has achieved a 10 year average return on investment of 19.59% for his clients who follow him closely and take his advice.

He is one of the most effective investment Advisors in the country and now is willing to share his methods with all who ask-not just the wealthy [like most advisors of his stature do].

How does he do it? Here is a link to one of his most profound articles that explains his strategy, which he calls, “connecting the dots”.

It just may very well be the best financial article I have ever read in my 40 plus years as a Financial Consultant.

If you have any money invested anywhere, you should read this article:

Connecting The Dots by Dan


Client, True Help Financial

Dan is just about the best business person if you want to see your money grow and has a proven track record.


Co-worker, Independent Construction Professional

Dan is highly knowledgeable in the investing market. He knows how the market is going to perform so he can make informed decisions on where to invest your money. I highly recommend Dan’s services to anyone looking for real performance on their investments. I have been working with Dan’s company for the last 4 years and have full confidence he is making smart choices.



I often work with Financial Professionals on behalf of my clients & when I run across something truly worthwhile, I like to get it in front of my clients ASAP.

To that end, I have been doing some work recently with Dan & because of his astounding record in the Financial Planning Arena that most Financial Planner types would kill for.

I was steered toward him by a financial contact I have done some work with, and quite frankly went mostly out of curiosity when she said he got such phenomenal results by focusing on demographics-got to admit my immediate thought was-doesn’t everybody?

Because I had heard he got these amazing results I wanted to know what made him so special & see if I could pick up something.

So I made an appointment and spent 60-90 minutes to come & see Dan.

Long story short- his insights were awesome & even if I just decided to hear what he has to say & then incorporate it into what we were doing, that would have been worth the time. Better still, I came back with Sue 2 weeks later and we have now set up some investment strategies with Dan.

I cannot imagine anybody getting better returns using whatever methods they are using today.

I have made arrangements for Dan to come to the east end for an exclusive presentation regarding his strategies & how his Demographics based approach has allowed for returns FAR in excess of what most Financial Planners have been able to achieve.


Chartered Accountant

I’ve known Dan for a few years now and if anyone is looking for a fresh approach to investing, then Dan is your man!!

Dan has been investing for over 30 years and his strategy is to invest in parts of the world were there’s real economic growth and strength using Demographics as a guide.


Friend, Business Communication Systems Engineer at OTB VoIP Solutions

Global Demographics Group have been my financial advisors for just over a year. In that year I saw my personal portfolio take a big dip to the downside primarily because I was either too involved emotionally with my investment decisions, or I just simply made bad investment decisions. Dan has not only made me more than 30+ % on my investments in the last year, he has taught me about the psychology of investing and moreover, taken out the stress involved with respect to investing in the equities markets. I highly Global Demographics Group, for solid, honest investment advice.


Client, Owner Marlowe's Restaurant

Thank you Daniel for your kind replay! Yes, I know that you Daniel are from Windsor. Myself and my Japanese born wife Miki Ioki, we have both moved here several years ago from British Columbia. My Real estate offices were in Nanaimo and one in Vancouver. Before that I was practicing real estate business for over 20 years in Edmonton, Alberta. During my work in Edmonton I was representing Northgate Industries for 20 years and once I had a 300 Million Dollars offer on West Edmonton Mall. My wife was also a Credit bank manager in Tokyo, Japan. Over the years I have met very interesting and beautiful people and now I am exciting to have the opportunity to get to know you Daniel here in Ontario! Windsor is the most affordable and the friendliest city in Canada. We love living here. Daniel, I have never met you yet personally but I do admirer your outstanding knowledge about the World’s economy. You are very smart person Daniel! In Canada I think that you are one of the greatest thinkers when it comes to prediction the future of the economic aspects and demographics in this country. I would love to meet you in person the next time you will come to your home town, Yes, I love Windsor!



I met Dan in 2004 and together, my wife and I moved our portfolio over to Dan in early 2006.

Dan’s expertise in the field of Demographics, and his personal commitment to caring for our resources as he does for his own was enlightening after so many years of seeing our portfolio wander, following market trends.

The age old axiom of being destined to repeat the disasters of history if we are not wise enough , or knowledgeable enough to learn from them, is as true as ever.

I believe Dan’s constant, daily watch of world trends and his deep knowledge of Demographics, and how this affects every aspect of our world economy, sets Dan apart as someone who can show us not where we have gone or come from, but rather where we are going and how best to avoid the pitfalls and prosper.

I trust Dan. I believe in his integrity and his ability, and have experienced very positive results with his managing of our resources.



Thank you for the article.

You are brilliant Sir! Everything you say makes perfect sense and your analytical abilities are amazing.

May God bless and keep you in good health.

We need you now more than ever.

All the best,



I have known Dan and his wonderful assistant Rosanna for over 20 years.

Dan is a brilliant highly functional gentleman and we have become very good friends. Always prompt and polite and a great sense of humour. I hired Dan to handle our investments and sleep like a baby and get rich!!! I could not possibly praise 2 people more than Dan and Rosanna.

Any inquiries call me personally for a refference any time.

Stephen Alexander