What would you say if I said money grows on trees?

All our clients know that we have a way to create tax free income using your RRSP’s.

But now we have developed a Money Tree that will feed itself and grow until you die. The best part about the Money Tree is that you do NOT need to feed it with your own dollars.

Our Demographic Linked Program can transfer your RRSP’s tax free to a Tax exempt investment indirectly.

By allowing Demographics to guide us we have created huge profits. Demographics has led us to investing in Health Care funds for years and in the past it has returned over 100% in a few years.

This allows us to go back and purchase your unused RRSP and giving you a very large Tax deduction, which will keep coming as the new RRSP’s are being used to recreate the whole program over and over again, until you reach age 71 and can no longer use unused RRSP room.

The RRSP’s are transferred indirectly back into your tax exempt investment over and over again.

The best part of this process is that you are not using new money; it’s all recycled back into the program to create wealth.

How would you like to never have to worry about your income when you retire?

How would you like to never pay for an RRSP again out of your pocket and keep getting those Tax refunds?

It has taken us since 1982 to develop the Demographic Linked Program; every single part of it is 100% legal and it works because we connected the dots. The program created itself over time.

This, of course, is out of the box thinking.

Your traditional advisor will try to tell you that this program does not work and perhaps that is because they did not come up with the concept themselves. They will even tell you they can do the same. So why did they wait until now?

Also, without the demographic approach and connecting the dots, how do you know they can create enough profit to recycle the investment profits enough to purchase all your unused RRSP room?

Everyone that has been reading our articles for years knows we have averaged 21.9% using the Demographics and connecting the dots approach. It’s history, it’s all documented.

This is not a case of “can it work”, it does work!

We have developed the last portion of this program called The Money Tree by accident when we were helping a client to get a needed Tax deduction.

CONTACT US NOW… So that we can show you how we can maximize your RRSPs for the rest of your life… how your existing RRSP’s can now pay for your future RRSP’s… and how the Tax refunds can be used to create Tax free income at retirement, or used to pay down mortgage, etc.

When we show you the “DEMOGRAPHIC LINKED PROGRAM” YOU WILL BE AMAZED! Never pay for your RRSP’s again and let the governmen help you with a huge tax refund.