Do you want to make 100% returns? 

Sounds like wishful thinking right? But the combination of Demographics and “Connecting the Dots” allowed me to make these predictions with the following results.

In October 1990 I predicted that interest rates would start dropping, that the place to invest was in Bond Funds, and that over the next 12-18 months we would make anywhere from 19.5% to 27.5%. This prediction was posted in the Bruce County Marketplace Magazine at that time.

A February 1992 follow up in the same Magazine showed a Bond Fund return of 21.9% for the 14 months up to December 31st 1991. So I would say me “Connecting the Dots” was right on target.

In January 1993 I predicted in the same Magazine that Equity Markets were about to rise. I was asked by the editor what sector of the equity markets would lead the way? I said “Natural Resources” and you can see how I connected the dots on my website below under the blog article “Connecting the dots“.

In the first week of November in the Kincardine news I posted “Prudential Mutual Funds make Headlines” and I showed the performance of those funds. Leading the way were the Prudential Natural Resources with a return of 89.8% as of October 31st 1993, only nine months after my prediction. The fund actually made 125% at its peak in June 1994.

I never knew that it was going to make this amount but I knew I chose the strongest place for the best results. I found out later this was called a sling shot. Sling shots create wealth! Contact me and I will help you create wealth.

In late 1994 I moved my clients out of Equity Markets into Term Deposits to safe guard from Quebec upcoming referendum after they voted in “The Block”.

On October 1994 I moved all non-registered funds (which did not have the 80% Canadian funds restriction like the RRSPs) into two funds: American and Global funds. Because these were two brand new funds and I pointed out that the Prudential Agents would sell the new products strongly and also because we all had clients in other funds we could transfer some of these holdings to the new attractive funds that had no exposure to the Quebec situation.

In the Bruce County Marketplace Magazine in January 31st 1995 I posted the results. The American funds made 53.7% and the Global funds made 31.0%. Again, I did not know what the returns were going to be but I knew these were the right funds to be in.

November 1995 was the planned Quebec Referendum but my article in the same magazine was written before the election in October 1995. In that article I made a bold prediction because I had now seen the results of a sling shots. I predicted a 25% sling shot in 3-4 months if Quebec voted “no”. The results were posted three months later in the same Magazine. The funds invested in the Prudential Natural Resources made 42.6% in the three months and the funds invested in the Prudential Precious Metals made 58.3% in the same period. So again, I was in the right funds but I underestimated the strength of the sling shot. This once again showed wealth is created by being part of a sling shot when they occur and not sitting on the side lines; most advisors have their clients convinced that sitting on the side lines somehow protects them.

In December 1996 Prudential was sold to London Life and I started researching how Segregated Funds had “NO” Foreign content rules for their RRSP’s. To me this meant that I did not need to worry about Quebec wanting another referendum on separation again. I could move all our funds into Segregated Funds and never worry again. So now that I was committed I needed to research what fund to put them in.

In December 1998 I started to advise my clients to transfer 100% of their RRSP funds into the new American segregated funds, which London Life had just created. The results shown in the Bruce County Marketplace Magazine at the end of 1999 was 56.3%; we were in the right place at the right time yet again.

If you add up all the numbers in the 10 year period and divide them by 10, the Average return was 24%, which beat Warren Buffet’s 23.7%. This was proof that I learned how to read the markets all because I created my “Connecting the Dots” strategy. Many other predictions that I made ended up with similar results.

Let us move ahead to look at 2008, which you should be all familiar with. We now know that the 2008 financial crisis was caused by the sub-prime rates. The result was an up to 60% drop in the value of many investors portfolios. A devastating loss. Even though I had been predicting for many years that the stock market would crash around 2010, I got caught because no one knew that we had sub-prime issues, except a few select people who made a fortune. Thus the Market Crash occurred 12 months earlier than I predicted back in 1993, but that was a close call considering we are talking 17 years into the future.

So we ended up being down 25% by the end of December 2008. I was still doing seminars at that time and my November, December, January and February seminars was basically me against the attendees. They had seen their funds go down and were listening to the mass media, which had no clue what was going on and only pushed negative news that sold print. This scared everyone including most advisors. However, I had my eye on the sling shot and how it was starting to shape up. The first thing I told everyone in my seminars and by emails was that “the worse this gets – the better it is for us”.

Remember Dan M. when you though I was completely wrong? I experienced “Black Monday” October 19th 1987 and the “Dot com” crash in March of 2000. I saw how the governments would step in and create a stimulus package to rescue the economy each time and I saw how sling shots were created as a result.

I knew that the worse it got, the sooner the Feds would have to react! I also knew that they would have to cut the interest rates deeply; I predicted that they would drop interest rates from 4.5% to 2.5%. Many people still were listening to the mass media and asking me how can I be the only one that says the markets will sling shot. I had no answer but I knew how markets react to stimulus after a crash. The crash gave us an opportunity to buy into the markets at a lower price. In fact those that borrowed at this time became wealthier.

While this was all going on I was researching where to invest so that we would get the greatest returns. I choose the BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India and China]. By February I knew that the Feds were going to cut the rate by March 19th 2009. Of course everyone didn’t believe that neither. The reason I knew that date was because I researched when they were going to meet again. On that exact date they cut the rate down to 0.05% (way below all expectations), which only meant that it was going to turn out better than I expected. Everyone with loans was going to renegotiate their loans down to the lower rates (bringing lots of business to the banks) and Bank earnings would go through the roof, following which the Financial crisis would be over. When Obama decided to spend $85 Billion a month buying stocks and bonds how could any financial advisor not see that this would be almost a guarantee that the markets would rebound?

I became very excited and made sure everyone was aligned for this sling shot. In 2009, Brazil bounced back with a 194% return leading a market wide sling shot. Russia gained 179%, India gained 137.3%, and China gained 89.5%. We had 1/3 of our money invested here but we also had 1/3 in Canada that made us 54%, and 1/3 in Nasdaq that made us 55%. When you averaged it out, our total rate of return was 88%! A sling shot had happened, but I was not finished.

Because of the $85 Billion a month stimulus package to prop up the markets and to bail out the banks, I started to notice that the U.S. debt was getting out of hand and that Central Banks were buying Gold to protect their currency. So I took advantage of this and transferred client’s portfolios to Gold funds and Natural resources funds that contained Gold investments – the result in 2010 was a healthy 45% return. So again “Connecting the Dots” was working perfectly and our total two-year return in 2009 and 2010 was 133%. Meanwhile 94% of Canadians were unaware of the rallies and sitting on the sideline. Why? Is it because their advisors missed the clues that a rebound was guaranteed to happen? Throughout history since 1987, after every market crash a rebound has happened due to stimulus packages. That’s 37 years of market history that the average advisor missed.

So how does 2008 stack up to today? Both have had interest rate reductions and both have had stimulus packages put in place, except that now it is in the Trillions vs Billions. But we also have an extra bonus: low oil prices that are going to cut the cost of energy and shipping around the world, leaving more profits for shareholders. So can we expect another massive rebound again? Absolutely yes.
Can a 100% profit be realized? I believe it can judging from History.So my answer would be yes.

To make sure of it, I have an extra bonus for those that contact me. It is something that I discovered in my research that could artificially add a further 25% to our total return. So if you want to make 100%, it’s not as hard as you may think it is.

Contact me and I will show you how you can double your money in less than two years. I look forward to speaking with you.